Another great distinction for Symmetria

Since 2005, Symmetria has been providing an excellent level of services, employing qualified scientific professionals who apply modern scientific methods and innovative technologies, while always demonstrating the highest level of respect to their customers. These principles, which Symmetria has been following consistently over the years, have been internationally recognized.

The European Quality Award 2016, which was awarded to Symmetria by the Europe Business Assembly (EBA) organisation, has once again recognised the high quality of services and exemplary medical practice that our medical centre offers, according to European standards. The award was received by Symmetria’s Founder, Dr. Nikos Metaxotos, MD, PhD, at an event held in October 2016. It is worth noting that, last year, Symmetria won the Best Clinic Award 2015.

The European Business Assembly organisation is an independent body established in Oxford in 2000. Its committee carries out the research, analysis and assessment of professionals and businesses, and is responsible for the final selection and the awarding of winners, while demonstrating complete accountability and transparency. The selection process is based on extensive research and recommendations made by EBA partners, such as the European Marketing Research Centre in Belgium, the Baden-Vurtennberg Export Academy in Germany, the Swiss Institute for Quality Standards and The Academic Union in Oxford.