Dr. Angelica Kavouni on the “Dr Christian Will See You Now” show (UKTV)

Plastic surgeon Dr. Angelica Kavouni, collaborator of SYMMETRIA, who is based in London, has appeared on several UK TV shows. Recently she took part in the show “Dr. Christian Will See You Now” (UKTV), amongst a group of doctors with different specialisms, headed by renowned Dr. Christian. As a plastic surgery consultant, Dr. Angelica Kavouni has helped numerous women who are unhappy with their body after pregnancy.
One of the procedures she often recommends is breast augmentation, which suits women whose breasts have "emptied" or shrunk after pregnancy and giving birth. The surgery does not change the size of the breasts, but it restores the shape and firmness, as loose skin is removed and the breasts are lifted back to their original position. The incision is made around the nipple and vertically from the nipple downwards, towards the bottom of the breast. The scars heal about a year later and eventually fade away.