See a 3D visualisation of the results of different treatments on your face

In the context of upgrading the level of its services, SYMMETRIA is now using a revolutionary technology that offers the ability to attain a better, more precise image of the results each treatment would have on your face.

Essentially, Crisalix is an innovative method that can show you what your face will look like after a treatment, through high-resolution and high-precision 3D visualisation.

The process is simple and easy to use, without you having to download an application, and can even be carried out online.

The process includes 3 basic steps:

1. Upload your photograph
Take 3 photos of your face using your phone or camera, or ask a friend to take them for you, and upload them to your Crisalix account, with absolute security.

2. See the results of the treatment
Log into your account and gain free access to the most advanced functions for simulating all kinds of treatments, where you can view the results on your face.

3. Get advice from close friends and family
If you need an additional opinion, you can share the 3D images with friends and family.

All of the 3D photos generated, with the changes made, are sent to your email, so that you have the opportunity to look at them in more detail, or with friends and family.