Same Day Beauty Boost

SYMMETRIA follows the trends of our times, and for immediate and fast results, we recommend Same Day Beauty Boost, a protocol that gives you the chance to carry out a series of minimally invasive rejuvenation and anti-aging facial treatments in just one session, and in only one day.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to address all your needs with a tailor-made programme made exclusively for you, which will be carried out in just one session lasting 110 minutes, without you having to make multiple visits to SYMMETRIA.

The initial consultation can be carried out online through 3D simulation, or during your visit to SYMMETRIA.

The philosophy of Same Day Beauty Boost is based on "The Rule of Thirds", a new geographical breakdown of the face that divides it into upper, middle and lower thirds, enabling more targeted and effective care of each area of the face.

In this context, we choose the most effective protocols for each third of the face, and according to your individual needs, we create the ideal solution for you.

For better, longer-lasting results, SYMMETRIA recommends using world-renowned products from Dr. Age at home, which, according to the plastic surgeon, offer specialised care for each third of the face.

It is important to note that, due to COVID-19, we apply SANITIZED PROTOCOLS to our facilities. These are a series of safety measures and hygiene rules for before, during and after every treatment at SYMMETRIA, in order to ensure the safety of our visitors and employees.