Double Laser for Fat Reduction

This is a state-of-the-art laser lipolysis technology that works via the innovative simultaneous use of two wavelengths (650 and 940 nm), aimed at effectively combating resistant local fat.

  • Reduction of local fat and inches from problem areas
  • Significant improvement of cellulite
  • Tightening of weakened areas
  • Measurements of the areas to be treated
  • Application of special pads in the areas of local fat deposition
  • Laser energy emission, which creates a chemical signal in fat cells, which breaks down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids.
  • Measurements after the end of the treatment
  • From the first application of the Double Laser for Fat Reduction method, one can notice obvious changes in their appearance and measurements, with a noticeable reduction of inches in the problematic areas of the body, from the very first session.
  • The treatment is performed individually or in protocols in combination with other laser methods, exercise and diet, depending on the needs of the body and the judgment of the doctor.



SYMMETRIA innovates and uses a new, state-of-the-art double wavelength laser, with the ultimate goal of reducing excess fat and inches from anywhere on the body. It achieves this easily, immediately and painlessly.

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