#3 Days Only

The generations of Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z have one thing in common: they seek quick and immediate solutions. They are after results that mimic those of plastic surgery, but without the pain, downtime, cost and dramatic changes.

SYMMETRIA, in Greece and abroad, has launched and is implementing a new, disruptive proposal. The right combination of face and body treatment protocols, designed by doctors, can deliver impressive results, immediately, even within three days.

For those who are not close to one of SYMMETRIA's clinics in Athens or abroad, know that any protocol precedes an on-line consultation session to analyze the needs of each patient so as to design the most appropriate proposal for each patient.

As part of these three days, patients undergo a combination of treatments specifically designed for their needs in respect to the face, body or both areas. These programs are suitable for people who do not have much time for frequent visits and want immediate results, without the hassle and risk.


For those who choose to travel to SYMMETRIA Athens, we offer a comprehensive medical tourism package within the Divani Group in one of their luxurious hotels.