SYMMETRIA celebrates its 15th anniversary

SYMMETRIA celebrated its 15th year of operating in the health and beauty world, with a special event full of beauty, a positive atmosphere and bright smiles. The event took place at the stunning Divani Caravel Hotel, a partner of SYMMETRIA.

SYMMETRIA's strong presence and significant partnerships, both in Europe and in the Middle East, has been honoured over its 15-year career with international awards including the Best Clinic Award, European Quality Award, Best Medical Practice Award and Patient Service Award.

The event opened with an impressive performance by the singer Ifigenia Atkinson, followed by performer Antonis Dominos. The event was organised by Christos Ferentinos, who called SYMMETRIA's founder, plastic surgeon Nikos Metaxotos, MD, PhD, to the stage. Nikos Metaxotos thanked his colleagues and promised significant developments and big changes in the coming years.

The evening proceeded to the awards reception, where honorary awards were given out, specially designed by the artist Lena Morfogeni, to those who have contributed to the successful operation and progress of SYMMETRIA over the years, in Greece and abroad. A video was shown, highlighting SYMMETRIA's milestones, and another, with friends and colleagues from America, Europe and the Middle East, sharing their own personal messages and wishes for the event.

At the end of the event, Kostis Maraveyias, a personal friend of the host, gave his own special touch by singing some of our favourite tunes.

It was definitely an unforgettable celebration by SYMMETRIA, offering us the best in health and beauty for 15 years.