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Optimal eating habits are crucial for everyone; though creating them in the very first stages of a child’s life is of particular importance. It is well-known that children's' nutritional behavior can highly determine proper growth as well as reduced morbidity and obesity. Therefore, we provide tailor made nutrition plans and diet coaching ensuring that children and teenagers maintain a healthy body weight, always under the spectrum of providing the essential amount of energy and nutrients for optimal development. A recent study that was published in 2013 by the University of Karlsruhein in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Luxembourg revealed that 44% of the population aged 5-17 in Greece, is overweight or obese. Unfortunately, the current study comes in accordance with older data, suggesting that Greek children and teenagers come first in the obese and overweight ranking throughout the EU.

The scientific staff of Symmetria, having fully acknowledged the extent of the problem, has prepared a unique evidence based nutritional and educational program for children and adolescents.
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