Body composition
measurement methods


Body composition
measurement methods


Body composition
measurement methods

FAT MEASUREMENT using infrared energy

Measurement using infrared energy is an innovative, reliable method to measure body composition that is particularly simple and quick.

Fat is a basic, essential component of the human body, as it works as an important source of energy storage. However, when the amount of fat in the body exceeds normal levels, especially in the area of the abdomen, not only does it not look aesthetically pleasing, but it can also bring about dangerous health consequences such as obesity, heart problems and respiratory problems, among other issues. Fat measurement methods allow us to calculate the exact percentage of fat in our body. Fat measurement using infrared energy is one of the most reliable techniques in the assessment of body fat. The procedure involves placing a special infrared transmitting device on the patient’s arm. Special parameters are used to calculate the patient’s exact body fat percentage, body fluid percentage and muscle mass.


FAT MEASUREMENT using bioelectrical impedance

The advantage of this method is the sectional analysis, which allows us to measure each part of the body separately so that we can monitor progress even in the most stubborn areas.

Symmetria’s rich, high-quality infrastructure includes Tanita BC-418 MA, which is one of the most commonly used body composition measurement devices on a clinical level. The technology it uses is called bioelectrical impedance. During the application process of this particular method, the body creates a closed circuit where a low intensity alternating current passes through the body. The water that is present in our muscles is a good electrical conductor, as opposed to fat, which is a bad conductor. So, this resistance is introduced into specially designed equations, giving us the figures for body fat, muscle mass, body fluids, basal metabolism, and other measurements. The method is quick, easy, pain-free and has globally renowned validity and reproducibility.


FAT MEASUREMENT using skinfold calipers

This is an ideal method for most people, especially athletes who require detailed measurements.

These days, our interest in our body composition keeps rising, as our body fat percentage affects our health, as well as our performance in our various activities. Fat measurement using skinfold calipers is one of the oldest methods of measuring body fat, but is still precise and popular, as it is quick and easy to carry out. It is known as the ‘golden standard’ as other measurement methods are based on it. This method allows us to measure our total body fat percentage, using measurements from our skin in different parts of the body. Through skin folds in each area, we can measure our subcutaneous fat tissue. This method requires a specialist, so the skinfold calipers are applied by a certified ISAK Level 1 professional.


Symmetria’s aim of providing personalized dietary programmes is fulfilled by the three modern, precise methods to measure body composition, and more specifically, adipose tissue.
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