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Metabolism Calculator


Metabolism Calculator

Breezing: Metabolism Calculator

SYMMETRIA, in line with its philosophy of providing personalized dietary treatments, has now integrated the services of the Breezing metabolism meter.

Body weight affects a growing part of the population, thus bringing to the forefront the principle of caloric balance or imbalance. By measuring our caloric needs and measuring our energy intake, we can know if we have an energy deficit, surplus or balance. The calculation of calories is a process using calorimeters, special applications and other means that require consensus. The actual determination of our energy needs, however, is a different story. Specifically, factors such as basal metabolism and energy are calculated in most cases by general equations. The problem in such cases has to do with the fact that the equations cannot take into account the important and existing differences encountered between humans.

The basal metabolic Breezing meter is the first device worldwide that can be synchronized with smart devices (smart phones and tablets) via Bluetooth and provides reliable results easily and quickly. It evaluate the volume of inhaled oxygen and carbon dioxide, using the methodology of indirect calorimetry, which is the gold standard of the World Health Organization (WHO), the American College of Sports Medicine, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and other organizations.

Despite this technology benefiting all, it is especially practical for athletes, people seeking weight loss or gain, pregnant women, etc. If you feel that your exercise and diet do not deliver the expected results or want to keep track of your metabolism over time, the basal metabolism meter Breezing will help you achieve your goal.
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