In a period as difficult as the one we are going through, the most important thing is to stay healthy, safe and united so that we can come out of this experience stronger.

The STAY SAFE initiative is addressed to our members and friends and focuses on the following points:

  1. Analysis and presentations of informative topics with the validity of the medical and scientific staff of SYMMETRIA and its global network, regarding the measures of protection against coronavirus, as well as advice concerning health, nutrition and beauty in respect to quarantine life at home. These topics are gathered in SYMMETRIA’s new microsite dedicated to Covid-19,
  1. Webinars: Watch presentations, via your computer or mobile phone, live and on-line, from SYMMETRIA’s doctors and nutritionists that will answer any health, beauty care and nutrition issues that may concern you: e.g. How to strengthen your immune system or how to get out of quarantine without extra pounds.
  1. Instagram lives: Follow the live streams organized by SYMMETRIA, through which you can ask your own questions to SYMMETRIA’s partners and receive specialized advice on nutrition and health issues.
  1. Informative videos: We have prepared a series of videos on our YouTube channel, with interesting material and information that you will find useful during these times.
  1. Telemedicine: In case you have a minor dermatological issue, non Covid-19 related. SYMMETRIA’s doctors can offer their help for free and remotely, with the aim of making a small contribution to discharging the health system. You can contact us via SYMMETRIA's social media, via e-mail: or via the phone: 210 6745555.
  1. Communicate via e-mail: If you have any questions about the nature of coronavirus, any suspicious symptoms or are undiagnosed and need a first referral, you can send your questions to our e-mail: The doctors and associates of SYMMETRIA will contact you first by e-mail and then by phone, so that they can provide you with instructions whilst also help decongest the doctors of the front line.
  1. Telephone communication: If you want to contact SYMMETRIA’s doctors urgently and require further information regarding Covid-19, you may call 6932123239.