Dr.Age unites three pioneers in the field of health and beauty: BIOIATRIKI - PHARMASERVE – SYMMETRIA

A new, creative collaboration aimed at prevention, wellness, and a better quality of life, was presented on Tuesday 21st September at Divani Caravel Hotel.

Dr.Age, based on modern research and technology that is now essential in the field of health and beauty, has created a new model in the US that combines the following for the first time:

  • Diagnosis through the evaluation of the genetic characteristics of each individual (DNA)
  • The production of high-tech cosmeceuticals for the face and body
  • The provision of services/treatments for the face, body, and weight management. 

Dr.Age is currently investing in Greece, which is evolving into an important international center for the creation of science and technology. For this reason, the first full application of the Dr.Age model takes place in Greece, in collaboration with the BIOIATRIKI Group in the field of DNA diagnosis, PHARMASERVE-LILLY in the exclusive distribution of products and SYMMETRIA in the design of treatments.

It is the first time that three leading companies, each in their own respected field, join forces to provide such a comprehensive collective proposal in the field of health and beauty.

An overview of these three titans are; BIOIATRIKI Group, which this year completes 40 years of leading presence in the field of private health services, PHARMASERVE - the leading Greek company in the field of medicine and health and SYMMETRIA, which has international presence and recognition in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.